DLR Studios - Portfolio: Graphic/Print


I create short education videos, usually for use in my teaching,under the title "Alef Educational Productions." This is the logo I made to go along with that name (the large blue object is the first letter of the Hebrew Alphabet - Alef).

Alef Logo



A friend of mine is starting a computer repair business called ArrowX. This is the logo I designed for him.

ArrowX Logo


Last Year a friend and I attended an international study program at Cambridge University. While we were there, we traveled to several other locations in Europe. As a gift to my friend, I made a movie about the various places we visited along with a cover for the DVD case. To view the cover, click here.


Two of my friends recently got married and asked if I would make a short photomontage on DVD to show at their wedding. I created a DVD cover for thier video based off the basic design I used for the Cambridge DVD cover. To view the cover, click here.



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